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Welcome to Amachi Vision Corps, Inc.

Our Mission

The mission of Amachi Vision Corps, Inc. is to empower youth through education, training, and job placement while helping to rebuild communities and their lives.

Amachi Vision Corps, Inc. is committed to developing youth and community programs that simultaneously address core issues facing low-income communities:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Crime Prevention
  • Leadership Development

We offer an excellent Truancy Program for juveniles as well as GED Preparation for anyone 17 and up.

Truancy Program

Amachi Vision Corps, Inc. has a broad base of collaborative efforts between the school district, all community police jurisdictions and supporting agencies within its boundaries. The program is preventive rather than punitive. Its primary task is to return truant students back to school as soon as possible.
Truancy has long been identified as an educational, social and juvenile justice issue worthy of public and private attention. It has been linked to many problem behaviors in adolescence; school failure, school dropout and juvenile delinquency, among others. The cost of the program is $85, which includes breakfast and lunch. Upon successful completion, a certificate is issued which can be given to the court to alleviate possible fines imposed which can exceed $300 and higher.


(SFSP) Summer Food Service Program

It's a FREE feeding program for children 18 and under, and children 19 years and over who has a mental or physical disability who participates during the school year in a public or private non-profit school program. Please contact Preston Taylor for times and location's nearest you (817-692-2089)..


Mentoring Program


Amachi Vision believes that the youth of today are our future. As an organization, our role is to empower the youth and help them build their self confidence. Goals/Purpose: To empower youth through education, strengthen life skills, and teaching character through responsible behavior while rebuilding their lives and community.


  • 5-10 mentors/10-30 mentees in each program session
  • Meet face to face once a month, telephone communication
    once a week, E-mail each other 2-3 times a week.
  • Provide group activities once a month.

Provide training for mentors and mentees:

For Mentors:

  • Additional training on the more complex mentor skills such as: Motivation, Inspiring, Building Trust, Managing Risks, and Giving Corrective Feedback
  • Ideas for Successful Cross-Difference (gender, race, culture, style)
  • Mentoring Career development topics such as: Career Paths in Our Organization, Helping Mentees Market Themselves, Helping Mentees with Informational Interviews, 10 Common Career Mistakes People Make
  • The Challenging Mentee
  • Successes and Dilemmas We've Faced…and What We've Learned
  • Keeping Your Partnership Stimulating (for You and Your Mentee)

For Mentees:

  • More in-depth training on some of the more complex skills such; as Creating a Personal Vision, Setting Important Goals, Accelerated Learning and Managing Relationships
  • How to Be a Better Networker
  • Career development topics (see Mentor's list)
  • Recognition/awards for program participants after one full year in the program

Program Guidelines:

  • Mentors will meet with mentees once a month (30 min. – 2hours)
  • One year partnerships between mentors and mentees
  • Meetings will be held at the mentees school, house, church, or agreeable location
  • Mentors will monitor grades and attendance on a monthly basis

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator - Preston Taylor

Also a Certified Notary!

Please contact us to sign up at
or call 682-738-6548