About Us

Who are We?

Former NFL Players

Amachi Vision Corps Inc. is a community driven nonprofit organization started by Preston Taylor. Pteston played professional football for 10 years before calling it quits. He began working in the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) system and while on the down side of his playing career, he started helping a friend that had just opened a youth shelter in Weatherford, TX. He also worked for the Fort Worth ISD and the Dallas County Sheriff Department as a Detention Officer. He went on to work for a company called U.S. Credit Management as a Debt Negotiator. After the company closed, Preston then had time to work on cultivating his passion for helping youth and giving back to the community. As faith would have it, while looking for an opportunity to start giving back, he met Chris Johnson, founder of Launching a Dream.  Mr. Johnson gave him the opportunity to start working with youth again. This opportunity was the boost Preston needed to launch his own organization, Amachi Vision Corps, Inc., in his hometown of Fort Worth. Since conception, in 2011, members and volunteers of Amachi have served as mentors, motivational speakers, tutors, and more. As well as, sponsored and/or hosted various programs such as the Hometown NFL Weekend, Summer Feeding Service Program, Sports Camps, Leadership Workshops, and STEM Programs, to name a few.

The president of Amachi Vision Corps  Inc, Kristi  Kendrick,  readily strives to develop programs that carry out the mission of the organization, and oversees the implementation of these programs that are facilitated by an awesome group of volunteers. These volunteers go above and beyond their call of duty in dedicating countless hours of their time and talents to empower youth while rebuilding a community. 

(Former NFL Players: Roosevelt Collins (Dallas Cowboys), Preston Taylor(Buffalo Bills), and Byron Williams (New York Giants))

Our Mission


The mission of Amachi Vision Corp, Inc. is to empower youth through education, training and job placement while helping to rebuild communities and their lives. Amachi Vision Corp, Inc. is committed to developing youth and community programs that simultaneously address core issues facing low-income communities: Housing, Education, Employment, Crime Prevention and Leadership Development.  

There is a Need!


We are ecstatic that the City of Texarkana, Texas accepted our proposal to facilitate and administer youth programs and activities at the Beverly Community Center.  The building has gone unoccupied for several years now, so the present condition requires some work before we can officially open the doors. It is  an undying effort to complete this task as soon as possible, for the need of youth development in Texarkana as a whole, is a must.  

As we work toward our goal of completing this tasks, we are seeking sponsorship and donations from those who want to be a part of something great that can impact change and make a difference in the lives of our youth today, making them better leaders of tomorrow,